Grounding Clamps, Controls and Assemblies     


Static electricity is a constant hazard in many production facilities and maintenance areas. Static build-up can lead to explosions, fires, property damage and personnel injury.

Grounding and bonding are the approved way and best ways to drain-off or neutralize static charges in drum storage areas, truck and barge loading, rail car and aircraft maintenance.

Stewart R. Browne Mfg. offers a wide variety of aluminum and bronze grounding clamps, cables and reels to meet all static grounding and bonding applications. From smaller cast aluminum pliers type clamps (Model REB 2960) for drum loading, to larger bronze clamps for truck and railcar unloading (GAT & G40 series). Grounding cables come in various designs and are available in stainless steel, plastic coated and bronze constructions.



Drum and Container Loading

Wherever flammables are used, the accumulation of static charges on drums or containers can cause a dangerous spark. This spark can touch off instant fires or explosions. Proper grounding and bonding help eliminate the buildup of charges. Proper grounding or bonding starts with metal to metal contact for proper continuity. Stewart R. Browne offers a series of temporary, permanent and semi-permanent clamps to meet all applications.

reb2960.JPG (36788 bytes)
* REB 2960 Pliers Type Aluminum Clamp
    * Industry standard
    * Grounding device for drums, containers and personnel
    * FM Approved
    * 2 Stainless Steel Points
    * 55 lb spring pressure

reb2960.JPG (36788 bytes)
    * VUD 100 Pliers Type Aluminum Clamp
    * Enlarged version of the REB2960
    * Grounding device for drums with oversized rolled edges
    * FM Approved
    * 2 Stainless Steel Points

C and Pipe Clamps

A full range of C clamps and pipe clamps are used to provide semi-permanent connections. The EP series of C clamps are ideal for grounding or bonding drums and loading racks while the JR150 series of pipe clamps are ideal for connecting to water pipes.

wpe2.jpg (916 bytes)

    * EP-1    Galvanized 7/8" Opening
    * EP-2    Galvanized 2-1/2" Opening
    * EP-3    Bronze 1-1/8" Opening

clamp.jpg (4805 bytes)

    * 2178 Bronze C Clamp Here

wpe3.jpg (1031 bytes)

   * Pipe clamps range in size from 1/2" to 6" openings

Safety Cans and Cabinets

The transferring of hazardous liquids can create an accumulation of static charges on safety cans. OSHA requires bonding and grounding on safety cans and safety cabinets containing hazardous liquids with a flashpoint below 140 F. We provide a variety of assemblies each including a 3 ft woven stainless steel cable which are flexible, spark-proof, durable and corrosion resistant. Length greater than 3 feet can be provided should the need arise. All clamps are REB2960 and can be substituted with 75 amp alligator clamps on request.

fdgdfg.JPG (57660 bytes)
* R-1 (2) REB2960 clamps with cable
    * R-2 (1) REB2960 clamp with cable & terminal plug
    * R-3 (1) REB2960 clamp with cable & 1" pipe clamp
    * R-4 (1) REB2960 clamp with cable & EP-1 C clamp

Personnel and Electronic Equipment

The personnel grounding clamp assemblies models 891 and 893 are designed to prevent static accumulation on workers. In the electronic industry, static charges can be detrimental in the production of circuit boards and computer chips. The use of grounding assemblies eliminates this static accumulation.

cc.jpg (5564 bytes)
   * Model 891-6
    * Adjustable wrist strap with alligator clip and 6 ft cord

    * Model 891-12
    * Adjustable wrist strap with alligator clip and 12 ft cord

    * Model 893-6
    * Adjustable wrist strap with REB2960 clip and 6 ft cord

    * Model 893-12
    * Adjustable wrist strap with REB2960 clip and 12 ft cord

Vehicle, Railcar and Barge Loading

The GAT is a heavy duty aluminum pliar-type clamp for grounding tank cars and trucks. The clamp is equipped with 3 stainless steel points to assure proper grounding and strong grip contact to the vehicle. The model GAT-P is the same clamp as the GAT but equipped with a quick release mechanism. Should the vehicle be driven off before releasing the clamp, tension on the attached harness will force the clamp to release automatically. The model GAT-P-IP is a modified GAT-P clamp with isolated points for use on our model STS300G Positive Ground System or other ground indicating system.

gat-p.JPG (14907 bytes)
* GAT-P Aluminum Clamp
    * 3 Stainless Steel Points
    * Automatic Safety Release
    * Vehicular grounding



retractaclampa.jpg (6962 bytes)
* RAC 20 20 foot cable with GAT-P Clamp





The series G40 Bronze Grounding Clamps are designed for use in grounding railcars, tanker trucks and barges. Equipped with either 2 or 3 stainless steel points for secure gripping and can be provided with the quick release harness for increased safety. The G40 can be provided with 1/4" Calsan Bronze Cable in desired lengths to complete a full grounding system.

g40p.JPG (18206 bytes)
* G40P
    * 2 Points with Release Harness
    * Used in Grounding Railcars, Tanker Trucks and Barges

    * Also Available
    * G40 - 2 Points with No Release Harness
    * G40C - 3 Points with No Release Harness
    * G40PC - 3 Points with Release Harness
    * G40PCU - Connection for Ball Release
    * G40M - 3 Points with Release Harness

Positive Ground Controls

The buildup of static charges during the fueling transfer process can lead to costly explosions, fire and personnel injury. Model STS300G is an automated systems control for transfer of hazardous materials designed to dissipate static buildup, verify proper continuity and control the transfer process. The Nema7 control panel with red/green light indicators is intrinsically safe for use in hazardous locations.

sts.jpg (20497 bytes)
* Model STS300G Automated Grounding System
    * Dissipate Static Buildup
    * Verify Proper Continuity
    * Control Transfer Process
    * Equipped with the Nema7 Control Panel

Aircraft Maintenance and Fueling

The aircraft ground clamp model ALS10A is a heavy duty clamp designed to dissipate the buildup of static charges during the maintenance or fueling process. The plated steel jaws are for attaching to aircraft ground posts and/or landing gear. Along with mil spec plugs and cable, various grounding assemblies can be provided.

aircraft.jpg (7123 bytes)
* ALS10A - M83413/7-1, NSN 599-00-134-5844
* M-3493-5 plug: M83413/4-1
* M-3493-3 lug
* 1/6" 7x7 org.coated 3/32 cable: W-83420



Self Storing Cable Assemblies

The Retract-A-Clamp, coiled static grounding clamp assembly, provides an effective cost efficient method of using and storing grounding and bonding wires. The galvanized coiled cable is provided with a tough vinyl coating to protect against wear and corrosion. The assemblies come in lengths of 5 ft to 30 ft and provided with our REB2960 clamp, which is ideal for drum loading, or the GAT-P and G40PC clamp used for vehicle loading.

rac.JPG (18353 bytes)
* Retract-A-Clamp
    * RAC 5 - 5 ft cable with REB Clamp
    * RAC 10 - 10 ft cable with REB Clamp
    * RAC 10+10 - 20 ft cable with REB Clamp
    * RAC 20 - 20 ft cable with GAT-P Clamp
    * RAC 10-2 - 10 ft cable with 2 REB Clamps
    * RAC 10-P - 10 ft cable with REB & 1/2" Pipe Clamp
    * RAC 10-C - 10 ft cable with REB & EP-1 Clamps
    * RAC 20B - 20 ft cable with G40PC Clamp

Static Grounding Reels

The use of static cable reels is a long-standing method of providing excellent storage area for cables. The reel provides protection against corrosion, atmosphere elements and offers a safe place to store loose cable which can be a hazard.The reels are provided with an instant lock mechanism and offered with either the REB2960 clamp, the GAT-P clamp or Alligator clamp.

sdr25 2.jpg (11262 bytes)
* R-20 - 20 ft Cable and REB Clamp
    * Instant Lock Mechanism
    * Protection Against Corrosion
    * Safe Storage for Loose Cable
    * Also Available
    * R-50 - 50 ft Cable and REB Clamp
    * G-50 - 50 ft Cable and GAT-P Clamp

    * We Offer Reels Which Meet Military Specifications

Reelsld.jpg (10516 bytes)
* 200-20 - 20 ft Cable and Alligator Clamp
    * 700-50 - 50 ft Cable and Alligator Clamp
    * Instant Lock Mechanism
    * Protection Against Corrosion
     * Safe Storage for Loose Cable

Technical Service

gbaguide.jpg (32798 bytes)
The Grounding and Bonding Applications for Control of Static Electricity Booklet
is a helpful publication for new installations or when current applications need updating. The 24 page booklet offers practical layouts and technical information. It also includes the OSHA regulations, a safety checklist and survey form to help answer any questions you may have.



Key Benefits

Wide variety of grounding clamps, cables and reels

Available in stainless steel, plastic coated and bronze