CMT Distributes These Static Safety Products     

High impact and chemical resistant flashlights and grips ideal for confined space and hazardous location.

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Portable Lighting Systems
Portable lighting systems for use in most hazardous work areas.

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Portable Fluorescent Work Lights
Portable fluorescent lighting for hazardous locations.

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Battery Operated Head Light
For hands free use in hazardous locations.

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Grounding Devices
A wide variety of grounding clamps, cables and reels to meet all static grounding and bonding applications.

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Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
Personnel protection from electric shock due to faulty insulation or cut electrical cables.

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Portable Fluorescent Work Lights
Portable fluorescent lighting systems for non-hazardous areas.

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Low Voltage Lighting
Portable low voltage lighting for hazardous and non-hazardous sites.

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Complete product catalogue available at no charge by mail.

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Applications Booklet
Industry safety booklet for proper grounding and bonding techniques on controlling static electricity.

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